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Prime locations in Kasur to buy a home

Good locations in Kasur to buy a home City center Kasur, Areas near Liaqat Ali Road Liaqat Ali Road in Kasur serves as the center of Kasur City. It connects Kasur to Raiwand and Lahore. This road is famous for…

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Prime locations in Quetta to buy a home

Good locations in Quetta to buy a home Quetta city center Quetta city center is know as city area. Quetta city area is encircled by the combination of different roads like Zarghun Road, McConaghey Road, Kawari Road and M.A. Jinnah…

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River Ravi Boulevard and Pakistan property sector

Ravi Riverfront Urban Development Project Lahore city’s historic expansions Historically all cities were built near rivers. Rivers were the main sources of water supply and natural barriers & protection from the enemies. Indus Valley Civilization, Isfahan, Baghdad, Lahore, Delhi, Agra…

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Lahore Ring Road and property market

Ring Road A road encircling a city or region  is called as ring road. This can be a single road or combination of many roads. It’s purpose is to ease traffic congestion by providing signal free corridor for the commuters.…

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