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Pakistan Real Estate Guide

Pakistan house price to income ratio 2016

Pakistan house price to income ratio 2016 Pakistan is a developing nation. Like other developing nations, people are moving to cities in search of good jobs and better medical, education & recreational facilities. Urban population of Pakistan is 35%, which…

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Best cities to live in Pakistan

Top cities to live in Pakistan Karachi Karachi is the financial capital of Pakistan. Karachi is also the most populated city of Pakistan and the second most populated city of the world. Karachi has the office buildings, commercial centers, hospitals…

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Pakistan Housing Standards

Pakistan Housing Standards Pakistan Housing is in poor condition. 60% of the housing stock in Pakistan has passed its use able life and needs to be replaced. Most houses in the rural areas are made of mud and are prone…

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Housing in Pakistan

Housing in Pakistan Pakistan Housing Housing is a building or structure that serves as living space for individuals and families. Pakistan has wide range of housing. People prefer to live in houses, flats, villas and farm houses, according to their…

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Green homes in Pakistan

Green, Sustainable or Eco-friendly Homes in Pakistan Green Homes A home that is environment friendly and sustainable is called as green home. The main concept of green home design is to have minimum impact or damage to the natural environment by emitting…

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