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New Islamabad International Airport and property investment

New Islamabad International Airport and property investment

Islamabad is one of the most beautiful capitals of the world. Islamabad has immense natural beauty. People from different part of Pakistan always prefer to relocate in Islamabad as it offers wide range of facilities including the employment opportunities. Due to the expansion of Islamabad and under construction CPEC, government has planned new airport in Islamabad. New Islamabad International Airport is under construction and will be opened for flights on 14th of August 2017.

Due to New Islamabad International Airport there is great rise in property prices which are near to it. Many housing societies have even witnessed 100-200% price rise in last 1 year. But some societies have also sustained losses like Top-City I and Mumtaz City Islamabad due to expansion of the airport as land in these societies will be incorporated for the expansion.

Time to invest in societies near New Islamabad International Airport

Overall real estate market is stagnant in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad but in Gwadar and areas near to Islamabad International Airport, we can see boom. This boom is not going to end soon as societies near to Islamabad International Airport will even see another boom by end of 2017 when Rawalpindi Ring Road will be completed. Rawalpindi Ring Road is also part of CPEC as it will connect Rawat Industrial Zone to Fatehjang Road and New Islamabad International Airport.

New Islamabad International Airport and societies for investment

There are many housing schemes which are near to New Islamabad International Airport and are best for the investment. But always buy plot in society which has NOC allotted by local development authority and also has no litigation issues. Here are the best societies for property investment;

PAF Fazaia Tarnol Islamabad

PECHS Islamabad

Engineers Cooperative Housing Society D-18 Islamabad

AWT D-18 Islamabad

Shalimar Town Islamabad

Faisal Town F-18 Islamabad

Faisal Residencia E-17 Islamabad

University Town Islamabad

Rawalpindi Ring Road and property investment

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  1. ali

    on   said 

    what about AWT D18..? plz guide abt investing in D18,D17,F17,E17 which sector is the best to invest scenario in detail. pros and cons etc. regards.


    • Ali
      All these societies are good
      But, they have development issues. Before investing in these societies, just visit and see the development work first.

  2. Samiullah

    on   said 

    Salam sir i have invested in Imperial enclave which is situated 5 km to New islamabad Airport on fateh jhang road. Sir plz tell me its genuine so’ciety or fraud. What should i do.

    • Samiullah
      Just call CDA for its legal status as there are many rumors in the market. There are many societies in Islamabad & Rawalpindi which have sold out files but no approval.


    on   said 

    Sir, What is future of PECHS. I heard that block K & M of PECHS might be effected due to expansion of air port for 3rd run way.

    • PECHS is good society but its bit risky like TOP CITY 1 due to airport expansion. Its better to wait for the final master plan of airport before investment in PECHS

  4. talat

    on   said 

    JAZAK ALLAH sir. Actually I have invested in gulshan e kahmir some days ago but after this I became worried that whether it is a legal society or not but now am satisfied after ur kind reply. I can wait. Further advice that I have taken allotment letter from society is it enough. Or I should apply for registry by spending more money.
    Best Regards

    • talat
      you can invest in this society if you have time to wait
      Rawalpindi Ring Road will pass near to this society and investment will give good returns in future

    • shahida
      There are many rumors, but due to location there is lot of hype in the market as society is by government
      If you have any news about this fraud please share with all viewers and readers

    • Ali
      PIA is located 4 Kilometers away from New Islamabad International Airport
      There are many rumors about this society
      Its better to ask CDA officials before buying property in PIA Enclave.

    • Ali

      on   said 

      I have asked star marketting aboit pia enclave they told that it has potential. Star marketing will start advertisement with in two months but I am confused for two reasons. First noc and second no development started even no gate of society is condtructed. I do not know even the society posses land or not. Please guide if u have some informations

      • Ali
        I have the same information as you have. Wait for few months due to two reasons;
        1- After Panama case crack down on illegal housing schemes in on the way
        2- Government is planning new laws. According to these laws, no builder / developer will be allowed to collect booking money without proper NOC.

  5. shahida javed

    on   said 

    what about thalian interchange federal govt housib scheme near airport for investment purpose.

    • shahida javed
      Its great investment, property prices will rise due to;
      2- RAWALPINDI RING ROAD, as one of the interchanges on ring road will be THALIAN INTERCHANGE

  6. shahida javed

    on   said 

    aoa. what is best file installment plan file under 5 lkh budget near new islmbd airport ir elsewhere to invest ans get benefit in maximum 2 years time. i want to purchase file under 5 lakh and by paying installment of 15 to 20hzar per month i want plot. hope u understand ny point. .

  7. Farooq Awan

    on   said 

    Dear Respected Ghar -47
    Salam; can u please tell about Rawalpindi ring road; would it touches I-15 / I-16 as shown in proposed RRR.

    • Farooq Awan
      Rawalpindi Ring Road will not touch but will pass near to I-15 & I-16 Islamabad
      Much will be clear when construction of Rawalpindi Ring Road Will start
      We always see many changes in development plans

  8. shahid

    on   said 

    what about university town. u mentioned it will boost as well. but currently there is no passage for uni town. plz guide abt investing in university town. scenario in detail. pros and cons etc. regards.

    • shahid
      Government always first develops main roads then the connecting roads
      University is located on every prime location just near to new Islamabad International Airport and Motorway. There will be lot of developments in the future. So very soon university town will get he access road and prices will rise.

  9. Masood Swati

    on   said 

    Near airport will change Islamabad and Rawalpindi as areas on Fatehgang will be more expensive now.

    • Masood Swati
      Its true
      Many things are changing in Rawalpindi and Islamabad due to CPEC.
      Airport is shifting from Rawalpindi to Fatehjang Road area and some is the Faizabad bus terminal.
      Societies near or on Fatehjang Road will definitely see the boom and will be best for living in near future.

  10. Falak Ehan

    on   said 

    There are news that Faizabad bus terminal will be shifted to outside city. This and shift of Airport will have price impact on Bahrain and DHA Lahore.

    • Falak Ehan
      Its true that bus terminal or station in Faizabad will be shifted outside city due to traffic problems. And so is the airport. This will definitely negatively impact the property prices in Bahria Rawalpindi and DHA Islamabad.

  11. Samreen Ali

    on   said 

    Stunning blog. Prices are rising in areas near New Islamabad Airport. Prices in PAF Tarnol has doubled in spam of just 6 months. Do you seen even more price rise?

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