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Gardening tips for small homes

Gardening tips for small homes

Home gardening has many benefits as it is a good hobby, enhances home appearance and is some sort of exercise. By gardening we can grew colorful flowers and also can produce seasonal fruits & vegetable. Large size houses have large gardens and are often maintained by gardeners. But small houses can also have gardens on balconies, terraces, backyards and roofs. Here are few tips for the beginners to start gardening.

Get information first

First thing before starting the gardening is to get some basic information about types of flowers, fruits & vegetables and also about seasons. After that we just need to make the plan about flowers, vegetable and fruits we want to grow. There are many modified fruit and vegetable plants that can be grown in small pots. After the planning stage we can start growing our garden.

Start preparing garden

For gardening we don’t need expensive pots. We can buy simple earth & terracotta pots and also can reuse empty plastic bottles. We just need to make sure that pots have proper drainage for water. Next step is to fill these pots with fertile soil. After that we can grow flowers, fruit and vegetable plants. We can use seeds and also can buy small plants from plants nurseries.

Placement of pots

Placement of pots is of great concern. Pots should be placed according to the need of plants and also for the beautification of interiors or exteriors. Some plants need strong sun, some need shade and some need both sun and shade. Therefore placement of every pot is of great importance. Whereas for beautification purpose, flower pots can be placed on kitchen widow, balcony, roof, terrace or near to main door.

Regular maintenance

Once we have grown our garden, it’s not the job done as we have to regularly maintain it. Watering and pruning is regularly required for healthy plants. We need to give lot of water to plants but we should not wet the leaves as this makes the pants sick. Pruning of overgrown leaves or branches brings the plant to good size and also increases the air circulation which is good of plant.

Home renovation tips

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  1. rizwan

    on   said 

    dear ghar47 what is the current situation or property market in khi and lhr? heard it is on boom and a further jump in prices is expected shortly…plz clarify

    • Rizwan
      There is mix sentiments about property market in Pakistan
      Yes its true some boom is seen in property market
      People are afraid due to political situation and are whitening the black money
      Panama case rise
      In favor of government will highly increase the property prices
      Against government will decrease the property prices due to crack down on black money
      I have collected all above information from property dealers and real estate stake holders

  2. PML Lions

    on   said 

    Dear Malik sb.
    I am developer of commercial projects in Lahore and Islamabad.
    There are rumours that Panama Case Decision will effect real estate market. Please guide about these effects as many friend are saying that before starting new project I should wait for decision.

    • PML Lions

      Yes there are many rumors in the market which are also one of the causes of property market slowdown.
      Panama case decision will effect the real estate market but its too early to comment. We should wait for the decision.
      I will write a blog about it when decision is clear as at the moment no one knows the decision.
      People are just speculating that if will be in favor or against the ruling party.

      Hope for best, In shaa ALLAH

    • Mubarak gul

      on   said 

      Yes there is something in the air. Every business is down like property market.
      Looks like Panama Case will destroy investments of many hundred thousand people.
      But property market is already falling due to high taxes.
      Even amnesty scheme has failed to boost real estate sector.

        • rizwan

          on   said 

          dear ghar47
          plz tell yeh giri v prices kahaan hain???? ive been trying to find a house for myself and cant find one since 1 year as prices have increased from before and nothing is in my range in khi

  3. Mumtaz zaheer mehr

    on   said 

    Panama case will totally destroy the real estate market as most investors are the front man and real estate projects are best way to black money.

    Tera kia ho ga lol

    • Mumtaz zaheer mehr

      on   said 

      Its reality 10 billion dollar is laundered every year to foreign countries and corruption by government officials is the talk of the town.
      After panama case decision if supreme court starts action against corruption. Property prices will be 70 percent down. Who can buy 500 sq yards bungalow in dha karachi with white money when price is 10 crore.

      • Zahida Faraz

        on   said 

        Lagta ha ke 100 choir ke aim kotwal ke.
        Nash Abhi tu public kuch ho gaye.
        Yeah ran he ho ga jab black money trap ho ge.
        Allah Pakistan to corruption mafia se oak kar. Aameen

      • rizwan

        on   said 

        mumtaz bhai khi dha main tu ab koi ghar lay he nai sakta…sirf govt officials ya 2 number admi jis k pas kala paisa hai buhat usnay 10 10 plot liyay way hain…we cannot buy our homes because u r right 500 yards 10 crore say bhe ziada ka hai dha khi main tu middle class admi rehna gunaah hai ab…dha khi ko agg lagi v hai

        • rizwan
          Not only in Karachi but also in Islamabad and Lahore
          This is the fruit of black money
          Just imagine what will happen when crack down on black money will happen as expected soon

  4. Balqees rehman

    on   said 

    Political turmoil and terrorism are few of the reasons that property market is down

    • Balqees rehman
      there are many reasons for property stagnation in Pakistan
      according to realtors, high taxes on sale and purchase of properties is also a major reason

  5. Shakeel jafar

    on   said 

    Property market will see boom if panama case decision is in favor of pml-n noon and will fall if case is against pml-n.

  6. Ali ahmed

    on   said 

    Good article bro. Why property market is down. Dealers have told me that property market will pick up or drop after Panama Case Decision.

    • Ali ahmed
      property market is down as;
      high taxes on sale and purchase of property
      law and order situation
      and also yes
      political situation

      Hope for best

  7. Major rtd chohan

    on   said 

    Informative post. I like gardening as I am military retired person. Got flat in Askari 5 Lahore. All neighbors admire me and like to help me out as this makes iour flat building attractive. Due to this small effort flats in my building sell fast.

    • Ali ahmed

      on   said 

      Major SB military persons like you are pride of Pakistan. Even after retirement you are inspiration for us.

    • Major rtd chohan
      beautification of home has indeed great impact on sale. houses with good landscape and plants on entrances have welcoming effect and sell like hot cakes

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