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House construction cost in detail

House construction cost in detail

House construction cost is always the combination of grey structure cost and finishing cost. Construction of home structure is known as grey structure and amount paid to build grey structure is known as grey structure cost. Grey structure includes erecting walls, roof work, plastering and preparation of floors. Whereas finishing work includes the works like tile fixing, woodwork, false ceiling and interior and exterior finishing. Cost paid for finishing work is known as finishing cost.

Grey structure cost per square foot

Per square feet cost of grey structure is Rs. 1350-1800 per square foot. The variation is due to the type of structure you want to build. Simple structure will cost Rs. 1350 per square foot, whereas detailed structures with arches and extra beams will cost Rs. 1800 per square foot.

Finishing cost per square foot

Per square feet cost of finishing is Rs. 1150-2200. The variation is due to the type of finishing you chose for your home. Normal finished will cost Rs. 1150 per square foot, whereas expensive or imported finishes will cost Rs. 2200 per square foot.

Total house building cost

Total construction cost to build a house is in the range from 2500-4000 Pak Rupees per square foot. This variation depends on the type of structure you want to build and finishes you choose for your home.

Construction cost of a house in detail

The table below shows the work stages to build a home and prices to complete each work type. Table also shows the percentage cost of each work type.

Price table for home construction (Showing normal 5 Marla house construction cost)

Covered area = 1800 sq ft

Construction rate = Rs. 2500/- per sq ft

Work Type % of total work Rs. Per sq. ft. for 1800 sq. ft. home (5 Marla)
Foundation 8% Rs. 360,000/-
Brickwork / walls 25% Rs. 1,125,000/-
Roofing 20% Rs. 900,000/-
Finishing 20% Rs. 900,000/-
Wood work 15% Rs. 675,000/-
Sanitary + Electrification 12% Rs. 540,000/-
Total 100% Rs. 4,500,000/-


  • Construction cost in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Gwadar, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Multan, Peshawar, Gujranwala, Sialkot, Abbottabad, Bahawalpur, Quetta, Sargodha, Hyderabad Sindh, Sahiwal, Jhelum, Gujrat Pakistan, Sheikhupura, Kasur and other cities of Pakistan varies due to variation in construction material rates.
  • Construction costs / rates in this blog are updated regularly (last updated on 10-03-2017).
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  1. Ahmad Mukhtar

    on   said 

    Hello Sir,
    I am planning to build a house (with both ground and 1st floor) on 1 kanal plot in Central Park Lahore.

    Covered Area Limit from (society Bye-Laws):
    Ground floor: 2720 sq.ft (max)
    1st floor: 2176 sq.ft (max)

    Kindly if you can guide me. What cost it will take to build a complete house on above mentioned area according to the latest construction rates?
    Will wait for your reply.


  2. Sardar Khan

    on   said 

    Dear Sir,

    I am planing to build a house on 10 Marla plot in DHA -2 which includes a basement, Ground Floor and First floor. I am in negotiation with multiple contractors for grey structure. I have got some labor rate quotations which vary from 310 to 330 with some minor differences in scaffolding. May I ask whats your take on rates and what will be the cost of Grey Structure and Finishing separately.

    Thanks in advance for your kind guidance

    • Sardar Khan
      Rate 310-330 is alright
      Grey structure will cost you 1500-1800 per sq ft
      Finishing will cost you 1500-2000 per sq ft
      Complete house construction cost will be 3000-3500 per sq ft
      Depending on the your choice of materials
      Normal materials will cost you more
      Imported materials will cost you more

  3. waqas khalid

    on   said 

    i want to build a 400 sq ft(1 room, 1 bath and covered roof in remaining area,without further up stairs) with T-R Gadder..its a single story house. what would be grey cost and what would be total cost with normal finishing.?
    please reply me as soon as possible.

  4. Humayun

    on   said 

    need to construct 5 marla house in DHA Phase XI Lahore A grade quality so provide me best cost with break and also want to know architect all in charges for same.

    lastly need to know how many SQ Ft we can build in same


    • Humayun
      For 5 Marla double storey house in DHA Phase 11 or Halloki Garden, covered area is 1600-1700 max
      For A Class construction
      Grey structure cost will be 27-30 LAC
      Finishing cost will be 25 LAC
      Total cost will be 55 LAC

      For architect;
      visit architects in DHA Lahore who have planning permission

  5. waqas

    on   said 

    i want to build a 400 sq ft(1 room, 1 bath and bar-amda,without further up stairs) with T-R Gadder..its a single story house. what would be grey cost and what would be total cost with normal finishing.?

  6. Yasir

    on   said 

    Please let me know the total cost for 1200 sqfeet house ground plus 1 construction.

    Reply me as soon as possible

  7. Abdul Rahman

    on   said 


    I am Rahman. I will be thank ful if you can tell me total cost of construction of 12 marla (covered area) double story house without basement in Rawalpindi with normal/local fittings.

  8. Rizwan Moazzam

    on   said 


    I want to construct a 5 bedroom double story house (2 bed GF, 3 bed FF) on a 16 marla plot in DHA 1 Islamabad using local fittings. Kindly provide an estimate of the total cost. Thank you.


  9. Moazzam Ahmed

    on   said 

    I am constructing a house in DHA Phase 8 Karachi and so far the I have completed the structural works i.e. RCC Structure, Blockwork, Plaster and Door Frames. could you please advise me how much would be required to complete the remaining works. The area of Construction is 5,500 SM.
    Many Thanks,

  10. Ashok

    on   said 

    I have 1410 Sqft area of land – that is total covered area including the stairs. Labor contractor has asked for 210 per sqft, what should be the calculation method for labour charges to build single story (foundation 6 feet, walls 12 feet) house with terrace (7 feet walls)

    • Ashok
      The rate quoted by your contractor is very reasonable
      How to calculate labor charges;
      Covered area x per sq ft labor cost to build house = labor cost
      1410 x 210 = Rs. 296,100/-

  11. khursheed

    on   said 

    what is the covered area of 120 sq. yards plot. how much it will cost upto roof for single unit. step by step cost.


    on   said 


  13. Sam

    on   said 

    hi, I have 240 sq yards plot in karachi, I want to build at 160 sq yards ground floor only, remaining will be lawn and open area, how much will be construction cost?

  14. Hummad shah

    on   said 

    I have 125sqd plot bhria town Karachi I b build ground + 1 plz provide some detail about grey structure labour rate

    • Tariq Gulzar
      Renovation work can not be calculated in sq ft
      It depends on the scale of renovation you need
      Structural improvements increase the cost of renovation
      Do you want to upgrade kitchen baths, flooring
      All will cost you approximately 40-50 LAC

      BUT IT CAN BE LESS if your scale of work is less

  15. Hi,
    I am planning to build 1k house in Lahore. The contractor gave me a rate of 1250 per sq ft for grey structure. But now he is asking much more as he says Spanish style costs more due to canopies. How much extra the canopies cost. Thanks

  16. hello ,
    I want to know the cost of grey structure of 2500 square foot house actually its ground floor is 2500 sqft and first floor almost same and one basement of 1800 sqft and our builder said it will cost you 900 per square feet here its cheep but I want to know they consider 1 floor or all three sets like 2500 square feet multiply by 900 or it will be calculated seperatly for each portion

    • Dani
      Grey structure cost is calculated for overall covered area
      Your builder is quoting very low rate
      Grey structure will cost you approximately 13-1500 per sq ft
      Your total covered area is 6700 sq ft
      Grey structure cost will be 85-95 LAC
      But for 2500 sq ft area, grey structure cost will be 28-30 LAC

  17. Abdul Basit

    on   said 

    I want to renovate my 10 marla house in faisal town was built in 1990. How much it will cost. (please guide me in detail)

    • Abdul Basit
      It depends on the level of renovation
      Old houses with terrazzo finishes, iron windows and structural problems, design alterations are bit expensive.

      If you want to replace terrazzo flooring with marble one and iron windows with aluminum one, paints, replacement of baths and kitchen tiles
      It will cost you 15 LAC
      It can be more if you will choose expensive finishes and structural alterations are involved
      But it will cost less if you have just finishing renovation.

  18. I want estimate for 180square yard portion construction on second floor 3 bed drawing room kitchen lounge. Kindly guide me regarding both grey structure and finished ( ready to live) house separately.

  19. Fahad

    on   said 

    Sir I have a plot of 10 marla in Lehtrar Islamabad, can you please tell me the cost of building just one story and basic constrution? Thanks!

  20. Muhammad Kahlon

    on   said 

    I want to build 3 marla sector shop in Bahria Orchard Lahore.
    It will consist of three floor basement , main floor and firstfloor total area will be 2100 Sq feet.
    Could any body guide me how much I need budget for gray structure and complete finish.
    And also if I hire only labor and provide material my self
    Thanks a lot

  21. Yousaf

    on   said 

    Dear friend
    I want to construct wall boundary around my farmhouse land of 16 kanals. Would you please tell me how does it cost? I want single bricks wall boundary without cement plaster. Many thanks

    • Yousaf
      It will cost you approximately 9-10 Lac
      Single brick wall is always prone to cracks due to earthquakes
      Its better to use this technique

      Use proper foundations, 2-2.5 feet deep, and expansion joint / gap like 0.5-1 inch after every 30-35 feet

    • Yousaf
      It will cost you approximately 9-10 Lac
      Single brick wall is always prone to cracks due to earthquakes
      Its better to use this technique

      Use proper foundations, 2-2.5 feet deep, and expansion joint / gap like 0.5-1 inch after every 30-35 feet

  22. muhammad Javaid

    on   said 

    Aoa I want to built house on plot size 50*100 how much will be the cost per sft for basement,ground floor &firstfloor for grey structure and finishing cost separately location is Multan

    • Muhammad Javaid
      First calculate the total covered area
      GREY STRUCTURE COST = Rs. 1500/- per sq ft
      FINISHING COST = Rs. 1000/- per sq ft

      Normal good construction cost = Rs. 2500/- per sq ft

  23. Salman

    on   said 

    Dear Sir.we have an area of 81 Marlas in Peshawar. We have to construct a plaza which include 2 basements and 6 floors. How much will it cost.
    A complete finished plaza.
    Please I am Waiting for quick response.

  24. M-Atiq

    on   said 

    Good Day Sir,
    I want to build upper floor(ground floor is already completed) of my house at Nawabshah Sindh . total covered area is about 1800 sq ft.Can you please tell me the cost of Gray and finish ??

  25. Adeel Jabbar

    on   said 

    I want to construct upper portion of our home (10 Marla) in Lahore.
    Please tell me what will be the approx. cost on grey structure & Finishing cost.

  26. Muhammad Ali Baig

    on   said 

    On a 400 sq. yard (75′ X 48′) west open plot facing narrow one side (12-13″) road (Society boundary wall in front)I want to build a house (with maximum open area). Covered area should be around 2000 square feet or even less.
    Ground plus one Building plan is proposed to be submitted, though construction is planned for Ground only. Cantonment Byelaws allow 2/3rd covered area with 5’ open space on left, right & back and 7.5’ in front.
    Requirements are:
    1. Staircase with Separate entrance provision for both floors.
    2. No structure (permanent or temporary) to be on any side or open area.
    3. Covered car park for 2 cars.
    4. Drawing room – 14′ X 12′ with powder room possibly underneath the stair case.
    5. Lounge/living room as big as possible.
    6. Two Bedrooms with attach baths & dressing/store rooms – One Master and the other Average sized.
    7. One smaller bed room with nearby common bathroom opening in Lounge.
    8. Kitchen reasonable size with attached store and access to washing area.
    9. Washing area – preferably within the structure with one side open -full grill.
    10. One small toilet within the main structure opening from outside
    Can you recommend an architect and a contractor?
    JazakAllah khair

  27. Shahzad Ahmad

    on   said 

    1. I want to have a house in Pakistan. My budget is 5 million. And my preferred cities are Rawalpindi & Gujranwala. Please advice me that how can I get a good house in this budget. Either I should buy a plot and built it by some contractor or should go for constructed one.

    2. Also I saw so many apartments offers in newspaper especially in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Where as 2 bed is in my budget. So what you suggest about that. And what is the future value difference between House and Flat?

    I would appreciate for your prompt response. Because I am visiting next month.


  28. Kashif

    on   said 

    Hello there,
    Am very much interested & would like to know if i can hire your assistance in order to complete below work with estimate duration.

    Dear i have a house of 120 Gaz in Saima Arabian project in karachi. it is of 2 bedrooms & 1 hall with 3 toilets. Now i want a good interior decoration like : woodwork, kitchens granite, tiled and wooden laminate flooring’s, all high quality imported bathroom fixtures and good material should be use. what will be the cost of this?

    My 2nd question -in karachi – 200 gaz mein agar 3 story manzala banaya jaye to kia cost ati hai? rooms ka mujhe idea nahi hai, lekin agar kuch estimation mil jaye to acha hoga. But in this i DON’T need much of luxurious work, just simple work but at least material should be good.

    • Kashif
      120 SQY HOUSE
      It will cost you 25-20 Lac to renovate your home
      But this whole effort is good if you love luxury
      And useless effort if you plan to sell your home in future as no one will be willing to pay you extra quids

      All finxes dost not matter how expensive these ar, get old with time and lose value
      This is why I always recommend normal / average finishes

      200 SQY 3 STOREY HOUSE
      It will cost you 70-80 Lac

      • Kashif

        on   said 

        Wow that was a quick response…..thanks for your prompt reply. Well 25-20 lac!!! am sorry i guess i wasn’t clear in my last comments. Please note it’s a new house, recently completed, say 2 months back. all i need is some good ceiling (/stylish gypsum board), good lighting in the house, nice wall paper or textured wall (pls note dono mein se jo bhi ho woh room ki sirf ek hi wall per chahiyeh) and nice flooring.

        • Kashif
          Estimation was 15-20 LAC
          As you mentioned A Class finish

          But you can complete good quality finishing of 120 SQY house for 8-10 LAC
          Ceiling is not usually expensive
          Flooring is expensive
          Marble has better life and strength than tiles
          Wood work is expensive
          Engineered doors are cheaper
          Solid Wood doors are expensive

          Hope you understand where to save money and where to spend extra.

  29. Amjad Shahzad

    on   said 

    I have 5 Marla Plot in Multan and I want to build double story house. Please confirm me what will be labour cost and material cost?

    As per my knowledge 1 Marla = 272 Sq Feet and
    5 Marla x 272 Sqft = 1360 Sqft

    Where as you have given the example of 5 Marla house is equal to 1800 sqft.
    Please reply and explain.

  30. Abdullah

    on   said 

    Hi, i am having a house in North Nazimabad Shadman area, its a 2 story house, i want to build a single room with attached washroom on roof. Please provide some details about total cost with and without washroom. Thanks.

  31. Frast Abbas Mir

    on   said 

    Excellent piece of information. Please try to add some more details regarding
    fittings, Quality of Electric wires,drain pipes and sewarage quality.
    Decoration is not very important. It depends upon ones pocket.

  32. Frast Abbas Mir

    on   said 

    Excellent information. Try to put some more details regarding tiles and fittings,elect wiring,drain pipes ect.
    Decoration is not very important.


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