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Per square foot cost to build a house

Per square foot cost to build a house in Pakistan: House construction cost calculator
Construction Cost in Pakistan

House construction cost is the combination of grey structure cost and finishing cost. Material & labor cost paid to build the structure of a house, including plastering of ceilings & walls and preparation of floors is called as grey structure cost. Whereas, material & labor cost paid to fix floor, kitchen & bathrooms tiles, fittings & fixtures, false ceiling work, wood work and painting exteriors & interiors of a house is called as the finishing cost.

Home building cost depends on the quality of construction

House construction cost mainly depends on the quality of the construction. Quality of construction depends on structural details and the selection of finishes you choose for your home. There are 4 qualities of home construction that represent 4 different finishing classes, C, B, A and A+.


C class construction has average finishes with average quality fittings & fixtures.

Grey structure cost for C class construction = PKR 1,350 / square foot

Finishing cost for C class construction = PKR 1,150 / square foot

Total cost of C class construction = Rs. 2,500 per square foot


B class construction has quality finishes with quality fittings & fixtures.

Grey structure cost for B class construction = PKR 1,500 / square foot

Finishing cost for B class construction = PKR 1,500 / square foot

Total cost of B class construction = Rs. 3,000 per square foot


A class construction has luxury finishes with high quality of fittings & fixtures.

Grey structure cost for A class construction = PKR 1,650 / square foot

Finishing cost for A class construction = PKR 1,850 / square foot

Total cost of A class construction = Rs. 3,500 per square foot


A+ class construction has luxury plus finishes with imported fittings & fixtures.

Grey structure cost for A+ class construction = PKR 1,800 / square foot

Finishing cost for A+ class construction = PKR 2,200 / square foot

Total cost of A+ class construction = Rs. 4,000 per square foot

  • Construction cost in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Gwadar, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Multan, Peshawar, Gujranwala, Sialkot, Abbottabad, Bahawalpur, Quetta, Sargodha, Hyderabad Sindh, Sahiwal, Jhelum, Gujrat Pakistan, Sheikhupura, Kasur and other cities of Pakistan varies due to variation in construction material rates.
  • Construction costs / rates in this blog are updated regularly (last updated on 15-02-2017).
Building your own home in Pakistan

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  1. Numair

    on   said 

    Salam, hamaray contractor ne grey structure banaya hai aur uske usne hum se 13lac liye hein, without plaster, kiya ye amount ziyada nahi hai without plaster ?? 36×60 (240gaz) ka plot tha

  2. Syed Ahmed

    on   said 


    I have plot in Karachi and would like to know estimated cost of construction with A-class. The detail is given below so please advise.

    •Plot size: 417 Sq.yd (corner)
    •Construction : ground + one ( double story)
    •Lawn: not less than 100 sq.yd
    •Construction class: Luxury (at-least A)

    Please advise me how much it will cost me for everything including labour + electric wiring + kitchen + finishing etc.


    • Syed Ahmed
      417 sq yard double storey house will cost you approximately 1 CRORE Rupees for normal construction
      1.25 crore for luxury construction
      The difference is due to the finishes you will choose for your home
      As expensive finishes will cost more

      • Syed Ahmed

        on   said 


        Thanks for reply. I will appreciate if you can let me know the answer on below queries…

        1. how much covered area would be?
        2.what would be grey structure cost per square foot?
        3.what would be covered area for finishing?
        4.what would be finishing cost per square foot?
        5. Labour cost
        6. Did you consider lawn option too?

        Looking forward for your response please.

        Thanks and regards,

        • Syed Ahmed
          Approximate covered area will be 3500 sq ft
          Yes lawn on front
          Grey structure cost will be 1400-1800 per sq ft
          Finishing will cost you 1000-2000 per sq feet according to finishes you choose
          Normal house costs 2500 per sq ft
          Luxury house costs 3000 per sq ft

  3. Sir mera plot size 33*50 corner… 1650 square feet bnta ha… Dubl portion pe ktna kharcha hojaye ga with labour plus meteral

  4. what is the construction cost for a modern designer house like the ones being constructed in dha phase 5 and 6 in lahore? provide estimates of the various catagories : medium avergae….upper average… class. I want more than average built standard. covered around 5500 square feet. thanks

    • Atif
      It depends on the finishes you would like to choose for your home
      Grey structure cost is 1400-1800 per sq ft
      Normal house with finishing will cost you Rs. 2500 per sq ft
      Luxury finishes cost around Rs 3000 per sq ft
      Luxury plus finishes will cost you 3500-4000 per sq ft

      Your home with the covered area will cost you 150-200 LAC

      • what is the construction cost of modern kitchen? plz provide me estimate me of modern elegant kitchen. Also provide info about companies which make such kitchens. What is the expenditure cost in 5500 square ft covered area one kanal home? how much expense can occur on lighting? ( nice quality sockets, switches, wiring, led bulbs in ceiling, yellow exterior lights, chandiliers, hanging lights etc, holders, fancy fittings etc )

        • Atif
          One kanal house with covered area 5500 sq ft will cost you
          B Class finishes = 140 LAC
          C Class finishes = 165 LAC
          A Class finishes = 190 LAC

          Kitchen cost depends on the finishes and fixtures you choose. A good kitchen costs 10-15 LAC.
          Companies that provide kitchen fitting services are:

          For electric stuff there is lot of variety, choice and finishes.
          I will recommend you to personally visit the stores.

  5. Makhdoom

    on   said 

    Dear sir,

    I want to construct my home in Nayanazimabad, Karachi with following two options

    1. 160 sq yards one unit with quoted cover area of 2200 sq feet. (map attached)
    2. 120 sq yards one unit with quoted cover area of 1680 sq feet. (map attached)

    Can you please provide the cost of mid quality grey structure with aluminum windows, wooden doors, washroom in usable form (w/o tile) and kitchen in usable form (w/o tile and cabinets but with slabs). currently i don’t want to paint inside and install the floor tiles etc due to limited funds.

  6. Mansoor

    on   said 

    I am planning to buy 120 sq. Yds plot
    Would like to make 990 sqft covered area. Later on planned to build 1st floor
    Pls tell me how much approx will be for 990 sqft

  7. Assalamu Alikum . . . How r u? Can you please tell me the with material rate of normal house . . . i want to construct my own house in lahore so i just want an estimated cost, Size of plot is 50’X90′ and covered area is 3400Sft. I want to make a normal house not cheaper or luxurious

    • Ali
      I am fine, many thanks
      Hope you are doing great in life
      Normal house construction will cost you Rs. 2500.- per sq ft
      Total cost = 3400×2500 = 85 LAC

      So your house will cost you 80-90 Lac for normal construction

  8. Sajid Mahmood

    on   said 

    i want to construct 5 Marla House at Faisalabad with 5 Floors.
    out of 5 , one will be basement.
    1- Floor one Basement as Hall.
    2- Floor two Ground Floor as Hall is well.
    3- from Floor 3,4,5 have four Rooms each with one kitchen and two bathroom.
    Grey structure should be solid but the doors and window, sanitary and Electric city accesories solid but not fancy.
    how much it will cost

  9. Can you please guide me:
    I want to construct third floor on my existing house built on 160 sq yards.
    We need three bed rooms with bath and one lounge / cum sitting / cum dining
    One open kitchen in lounge .

  10. hello sir tell me the double storey price of 2.75 marla 620 sqft in lahore … tell me in c class and finishing b class .. what will be the total price???

  11. sami alvi

    on   said 

    asalaam o alikum

    i want to construct my house on 5.25 marla land. in lahore if you have some design please share with me with construction cast.

  12. Hamza tahir

    on   said 

    Salaam sir, i want to know the price of construction of new house on 5 Marla land the covered area will be 650 sq.ft on ground floor and the first floor will cover the area of 480 as i saw the one design on internet. what will the cost of c grey work without any finishing and add the electricity and fittings cost i am living in Faisalabad. waiting for your reply kindly reply fast.

  13. farooq

    on   said 

    I want to construct my house in Karachi on 400 sq. yard in gulsah e maymar.
    Please mentioned the cost seprately on covered area 350 sq. yard.
    Foundation cost for ground+2 floors
    Construction cost only for ground floor.
    what else till finish?

    • Farooq
      It will cost you approximately 70 LAC for complete finish of single storey house
      7 Lac for foundation, can be more or less depending on the situation of plot and filling required
      Grey structure cost will be 50 LAC (It also includes the foundation cost)
      Approximately 20 Lac for finishing
      Total = 70 LAC

  14. Imran Hanif

    on   said 

    Sir, What are the items are include in you C class grey structure.
    like electricity and sanitary works are included in grey structure.


  15. salman

    on   said 

    iam going to construct a sigle story house of 200sqyrd in karachi how much cost it will take please mention the cost of foundation, construction & finishing

  16. Mirza

    on   said 

    I want to construct my house in Karachi on 400 sq. yard or 13.22 marla.
    Please mentioned the cost seprately on covered area 350 sq. yard.
    Foundation cost for ground+2 floors
    Construction cost only for ground floor.
    what else till finish?

    • Mirza
      It will cost you approximately 60 LAC for ground floor with finishing plus foundation
      10 Lac will be the cost of foundation only but it can be lass and more depending on the ground / plot situation

  17. Salman Zeb

    on   said 

    Sir my 10 marla plot with 36 ft width and 75 feet length….
    Basement would be 1700 sq ft
    ground floor 1700 sq ft
    first floor 1700 sq ft
    sir about how many bricks would be required for this, how many cement bags, steed in tons would be required for this????/
    i’m waiting for your good response….thanks in advance

  18. Salman Zeb

    on   said 

    Sir i have ten marla plot in peshawar hayatabad, with 36 feet width and 75 feet lenght….i want to construct double story house with basement but only upto grey structure…
    covered area of basement would be 1700 sq ft
    ground floor 1700 sq ft
    1st floor 1800 sq ft
    what would be the total cost of constructing only grey structure???

  19. Dear sir,
    Want to know the conatruction cost.

    Total area of plot 20 marla
    Coverd area 7 marla.

    1st floor 4 rooms with drawig Kicthen and 3 bath

    2nd floor 3 room with 2 bath . Drawind and kichen

    I want to know coat for both B and A category cost.
    Gulberg islamabad


    on   said 

    I have 110sq yard plot I want ground with A+ constuction estemate and and time duration.
    Please also give me the rate of A class construction in karachi .

  21. Asalamualaikum,

    What is the cost of grey structure IF it is built with beams and columns (RCC)? (Is this structure much stronger than brick house?)

    For 1 Kanal House.

    With Basement
    Without Basement

    Thanks a lot.

  22. Khursheed Ahmed Khan

    on   said 

    Hi dear,
    Could you please advise me about cost of construction per SFT for DHA Karachi in phase 08.
    The finishes will be average plus.
    Please advise me price for structure and finishes both

    Kind regards

  23. Rana Khalid Javed

    on   said 

    AOA, Dear Sir, i have a 1 kanal plot in Bahawalpur and want to built A+ (top class) construction. i want to construct 10 Marla covered area, 1 small swimming pool, 5 baths (A+class), 2 kitchen (A+class). every thing should be A+ (top class) like tiles, plumbing, fittings, sanitary, kitchen, doors, windows, Main door & Main Gate. please tell me single story and double story full estimate. (Note: single story 10 Marla and 1st floor 7 Marla.). Thanks in advance.

  24. Huzaifa

    on   said 

    As Salam O Alaikum
    Sir I have a 220 sq ft house i am planning to reconstruct it ground+2 what will be the total estimate cost of A category and also B category.
    Thank You

  25. Habib Awan

    on   said 

    respected sir
    i have a 4 marla commercial plot size 36×29 feet in a developed society in Rawalpindi. i want to construct it , as per by laws one can construct ground plus 3
    in the same market i hv seen new plazas under construction with shops on Ground floor and 3 apartment and in one of plaza they have made shops in the basement as well
    can u kindly provide me some estimates if i plan to make the same
    option 1 with basement
    option 2 without basement

  26. Ibrahim

    on   said 

    Plot Size 35′ x 60′
    Ground Floor covered area 1800 sq. ft.
    1st Floor covered area 1400 sq. ft.

    Can you tell me the complete construction cost of 2 floors please

    * Please also guide, if I construct underground
    what will be the cost of under ground only

  27. Muhammad

    on   said 

    Dear sir,
    I want to build a house in Bahria town Karachi Percent 6 10 marla plot size. Ground plus first floor
    Gray structure class A
    Finishing class A
    Both price required.
    Please reply

  28. Sohail Hussain

    on   said 

    How much would it cost to get a plan for 7623 ft plaza with basement and two floors on top to be passed including architect and baldia/local council fees. Thanks

  29. Hi,

    I have a of 1800 square feet and I want to develop full ground floor and one big room with attach batch and terrace on first floor.

    Can you please tell me how much it will cost for both B and C class?


  30. Syed Kashif Ali Shah

    on   said 

    I want to construct house on 10 marla plot in bahriatown rawalpindi phase 8.
    Can you please give me an idea on estimated budgetary cost to built home with basement and double story grey structure.

    • M.Ali Najam
      It will cost you approximately 55 Lac to build A+ house of size 120 yards
      It will take 5-6 months to build it
      For normal construction like C category you can build it for 40 Lac

  31. Muhammad Farooq Awan

    on   said 

    Dear Respected Sir;

    really your valuable efforts with respect to guidance / estimated cost for home construction are highly appreciated because any person get prepared himself for expected budget / amount.
    I have 60X30 plot in multi garden B-17 Islamabad. I am planning home with covered area of approximately 1650 Sq/feet (single) with a medium finishing material, how much amount would be required ?

  32. Hi one kanal plot in awt 2 lahore just want to cover 2250sqf with in door swimming pool 16×26 Pl tell me the cost of construction of the complete project

  33. Asif Ali Alvi

    on   said 

    Aslam Alaikum sir. Kindly tell me about the construction cost of 350 sq yard grond+ 200 sq yards first floor in DCK karachi. Total area 550 sq yards /4950 sq ft.

  34. M,Asad

    on   said 

    Dear Sir,
    my plot size 27′ x 46′
    Ground Floor covered area 1116 Sft
    1st Floor covered area 1010 Sft
    Roof Floor covered area 272 Sft
    Can you tell me the cost plz..
    1-what is the labor cost?
    2- bricks per 1000 rate
    3- cement per bag
    4-steel per KG
    5-crush per Cubic fet
    6-sand per trolley
    please tell me also labor rate with material and without material.
    actually I am not in pak. so I want to plan to make home in pak. deska.
    Thanks and waiting ur reply

    • M.Asad
      Total covered area for your home is 2400
      Labor rate is approximately 300 per sq ft
      Average house price construction rate with material is 2500 per sq ft
      It will cost you approximately 60 Lac to build your house.
      Best way is to first construct grey structure
      Then buy finishing material according to your budget
      Material rates depend and vary according to areas
      so collect material rates from your local suppliers

  35. Abbas A

    on   said 

    what is the approximate construction cost to construct a double story 3200 square feet in Gulberg residencia Islamabad?


  36. Kamran

    on   said 

    hi just want to ask in 5 marla house Plot size 25*58 what will be cost for 25*40 basement or is it not good to have basement pls advise Thanks.

  37. Rashid

    on   said 

    Turnkey structures. .class A
    Alsalehalsafa builders
    Islamabad rawalpindi and surrounding areas.
    We offer quality construction with reasonable prices..we have tons of experience and expertise for quality housing .

  38. Shahzad

    on   said 

    I want to construct my home in Lahore so could you please provide the most latest material cost, important points to be remembers from the owners point of view and that how should we buy building material.

  39. Z A NAQVI

    on   said 



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