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10 Marla House Construction Cost

Construction cost of 10 Marla house

10 Marla House

10 Marla is a common house size in Pakistan. Most housing schemes in Pakistan have the houses of size 10 Marla. In Pakistan residential land is measured in Marla and Kanal. 1 Marla is equal to 225 square feet and 1 Kanal is equal to 20 Marla. Therefore, 10 Marla house is one that is built on the land of size 2250 square feet.

10 Marla plot or land size:

There are many sizes of 10 Marla plots but ideal size is 35’x65’.

Design of 10 Marla House

Design of 10 Marla house has lot of variation. Due to the ample land, architects have lot of maneuvering space. In 10 Marla house design, open spaces are provided on one side of house, normally on the side where car porch is provided. Open spaces are also provided on front and back of house. Front space is then utilized for plantation and back space for laundry work. Ventilation and natural light is provided from side, front and back open spaces. Generally a car porch, drawing room, living room, kitchen, two bedrooms with attached bathrooms and powder room are provided on ground floor, whereas two bedrooms with attached bathrooms, store room, small kitchen, small living room and servant quarter are provided on first floor.

Covered area of 10 Marla double storey house

Approximate covered area of a 10 Marla double storey house is 2500 square feet.

Construction cost of 10 Marla double storey house

Per square foot construction cost in Pakistan is 2500-4000 PAK Rupees. Construction cost of a double storey 10 Marla house of covered area 2500 square feet is 6,250,000-10,000,000 PAK Rupees. This variation depends on the type of finishes and fixtures you chose for your 10 Marla home.

  • Construction cost in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Gwadar, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Multan, Peshawar, Gujranwala, Sialkot, Abbottabad, Bahawalpur, Quetta, Sargodha, Hyderabad Sindh, Sahiwal, Jhelum, Gujrat Pakistan, Sheikhupura, Kasur and other cities of Pakistan varies due to variation in construction material rates.
  • Construction costs / rates in this blog are updated regularly (last updated on 01-11-2016).
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  1. Goraya

    on   said 

    SO A,Dear I have 10 Marla plot in Citi housing shallot.want to build basement and ground floor with two bed room and first floor with three bed much cost with A+ if covered area 4000 sq feet.

  2. hassan

    on   said 

    hye bro i want to know about the finishing of 10 marla grey structure can u please tell me what will be the finishing cost? 10 marla house is ready in grey now i have to put windows ,doors , tiling , bathrooms and every thing till furnishing it

    • Hassan
      It will cost you approximately 25-30 LAC
      What actually matters is the finishes you choose
      Expensive finishes like tiles, flooring 7 wood work will cost you more
      On the other hand normal finishes will cost you less
      I am always in favor of normal finishes due to fast trend changes

  3. Tauheed

    on   said 

    I’ve a 9.7 marla plot, which is approximately 10 feet deep.
    what would be single story cost with basement and without basement?

  4. Aqeel khan

    on   said 

    Hi how much it would cost to build 14 marla house with basement in bahria town isla mabad i have 10 marla plot with 8 marla extra land want to build 12 to 14 marla home with basment.i will be grateful if you can tell me how much it would be if i just want three story gray structure and how much for finishing.

  5. Mehboob

    on   said 

    I have a plot of 8 Marlas in Bahia town Lahore what will be cost on construction for double story with or without basement?

    • Murtaza
      It depends on size (length, width & depth) and quality of tiles.
      So just get idea first of size.
      You can calculate it yourself
      1- Excavation cost
      2- swimming pool’s base preparation
      3- Side walls preparation
      4- Tile work
      5- water system

  6. How much would it cost to build a house on a 2 kanal plot, more than 4,000 covered sq. ft? Ground floor has two bedrooms, dining/drawing/living, powder room, laundry room, kitchen, dirty kitchen, family dining and 1st floor has living, small kitchen, and 4 bedrooms with attached bedrooms. House will have porch and patio, and 2nd story balconies. And servant quarters.
    Another question, how much to add a basement?
    And should servant quarters be on ground outside or on roof? what is price difference?
    thank you

    • Noor
      Servant areas are provided, on top floor, in basement and separately.
      Its better to have servant quarters on top floor
      Basements are good for swimming pools or large halls for parties

      It will cost you 1.25 Crore without basement
      With basement 1.5 Crore

  7. salam !
    i have a 10 marla 54*50′ almost square plot in wah cantt with covered area of 2000 sq.feet.what will be the total cost of this double story house(with complete finishing) without basement and with basement.
    thanks !

  8. Dr. Maqbool Ahmad

    on   said 

    I want to build one canal double story house in Bahria Town Lahore. Approximately how much it will cost with A grade material.
    Secondly I should go with turn key project, Gray structure or labor only. Here I would like to mention that I am living abroad.

    • Dr. Maqbool Ahmed
      A Class construction will cost you 1.75 Crore

      Turn key basis construction is not bad.
      But its ideal if you hire contractor who provide labor and you provide materials / labor rate project

  9. Fahad

    on   said 

    I need estimate regarding building house on 35×65 plot size in Police foundation O9
    How much it will cost to build 2 storey house grey structure?
    How much it will cost to build 2 storey house full complete with all finishing?
    What would be th rate per sq for full complete 2 storey house?

    As I get estimate of 40 lac for full complete 1 storey house


  10. Malik

    on   said 

    I have a10 Marla plot in Bahia town Rawalpindi how much it will cost me to build gray structure double story house with basement and with out basement.

  11. AOA.

    I have 1 kanal 50 X90 size plot and covered area will be 40 X 65. Looking for basement, Ground and first floor raw structure cost only( per quare feet), I don’t have much money, Wants to build in phase wise. First Raw structure, then next doors, windows,electricity, then floor and wood work, in last tiles and sanitary work,
    Pls Mention per/sq feet cost

  12. Rashid

    on   said 

    Asalam o Alikum Sir
    I have a 10 marla plot in bahria town rawalpindi and want to build a double storey house on it.
    I am currently overseas.
    Where do I start ? Do I have to go to pakistan for this process?
    Can you give me a detailed guide to the steps as I want to minimize the time and trips as I have job overseas too.
    Also if you can recommend some reputable builder to help me.
    Thanks very much.

    Kind regards


    on   said 

    Asalam o Alikum Sir
    I am really impressed by your efforts and replying accurately for everyone.
    I have 4 marla plot in D12, Islamabad. I want to construct double story plus basment hall.
    How much ll be the cost ?
    Thank you

  14. irfan khan

    on   said 

    i have a plot in abbottabad size of the plot is 40×40 i want to construct 2 storey house.
    ground floor 2 bed room with attached bath .
    1 living room+ dining room +kitchen and a small store room and car park.
    2nd floor 2 bedroom hall with small kitchen and attached bathroom.
    kindly tell me the cost of grey structure and finishing cost.

  15. M.Saad Anjum

    on   said 

    I want to build a 10 Marla double storey house in Valancia Town Lahore .The ground floor has 1 master bed with washroom,kitchen, TV lounge,Dinning and powder washroom. 1st floor has 3 rooms ,2 with washroom and a terrace and 2nd storey has only 1 width size room and washroom, rest is veranda .Our covered area is 3400 sq ft.

    I needed to know an approximate quantity of gray finish material i.e bricks,cement,steel,sand,crush(bajri) that would be needed and their current rates.

    I need to chose whether I should contract with material or without material. I am being offered 1100/- Rs per sq ft with material and without material rates are from 240/- Rs to 300/- Rs per sq ft.So i need to calculate which is cheaper.

    The estimate of 65 lac you are giving is with which grade finishes and including 15% material wastage?

    I would be really grate for your help and advice.
    Thank You

  16. Sardar Zeeshan

    on   said 

    Assalam O Alaikum
    I want to build my 10 marla Single story house near to Bakra Mandy , Rawalpindi
    I want to build my house on 2 years installments plan.
    I’m Working In Saudi Arabia
    My per month salary is 3 lac I can pay 2 lac per month to contractor
    can you help me?
    Also total cost of 10 marla house to
    you can send me detail to my email address sardarzeeshan_90@yahoo, or to my phone No. 03345774132

  17. Naeem khan

    on   said 

    Hi, I have 1 kanal plot want to construct 12 maral area and remaining 8 maral for gsrden , kindly tell me the construction cost

  18. Construction of one kanal house in bahria phase 3 will cost how much including basement.
    And any suggestions about good contractors.
    What is A A+ and B Catogery mean and how dose it effect overall cost.

  19. Hameed

    on   said 

    I jave 10 marla house in magral model town Rawalpindi . Covered area is2888 . singal portion has been complete. I want the 2nd portion. Kindly tell me the cost

  20. Habib

    on   said 

    I want to construct 10 marla house in Bahria town with ground floor and 1st floor how much costly it would or if I added Basement then what is the main cost with the basement or without the basement.???
    please tell me properly.

  21. Munib

    on   said 

    How much time does it take to construct a 8 marla double story house fully? and what is the total cost to construct it (which includes each and everything with final finishings)

  22. Muhammad azeem

    on   said 

    Hi sir,

    I have a 10 marla corner plot in bahria orchard Lahore.

    I wants to construct a house there.

    i need two car parking separate separate (one is other side and other one is anther side.

    3 bed rooms with attach bath + drawing + dinning + store and kitchen. double story house.

    the upper portion will be separate with the car parking.

  23. Sohail Abbas

    on   said 

    I want to construct a double unit house in Bahria Town Phase 8 which has 6 bedrooms, 6 wash rooms,2 drawing dinning, Kitchens and lounges. the house should have separate entrance for upper storey. please tell me size of covered area and total cost, can i enjoy the luxury of having a small lawn in this area.

  24. NADEEM khan

    on   said 

    Hi dear how are you,i want to know how much constriction cost for singal story and double story for 10 Marla

  25. waseem

    on   said 

    I want to construction 10 marla double stories in Baharia Town Phase 8 Rawalpindi.

    How much cost is involved for consturction.

  26. MAAK

    on   said 

    AOA! I want to build a smallest possible structure on my farmhouse (5 Kanals) with development of some farm land.I am interested in Wood or stone structure.Please advise?

    • MAAK
      Wood or stone structures are built in hilly Areas as these material are cheaper there.
      In Punjab you need simple brick structure.

      Your should build simple 10 Marla house with cost 50-60 lac.

      Rest should be landscape

  27. fadi

    on   said 

    Dear All,

    I want to construct my 10 marla (32.2*70) plot in Lahore.

    Please share me with complete details of project both complete and gray stracture. My plot located in LDA Avenue 1.

  28. Hashir Altaf

    on   said 

    I want to contruct a 10 marla house with basement in DHA islamabad according to rules of DHA what is the cost of basment along with 1st floor basement also consist of full belt of raft. . please tell me and make sure we have to follow DHA byelaws of costruction of basement.
    Thank you 🙂

  29. Muhammad Nasir

    on   said 

    I want to construct 40 x 80 house in islamabad.Basement+Ground floor+Ist floor.
    what will be the total cost with washrooms and kitchens?
    Total cost and also per sq foot cost.

  30. Naseem

    on   said 

    What is the cost of constructing a second story with 3 bed rooms with attached bath for 10 marla plot in wapda town Lahore

  31. mir

    on   said 

    Aoa . i am planing to construct 10 maral house in dhoke syedan rawalpindi . it should have 3 bed rooms with attached bath, drawing room kitchen. plz advise cost

  32. waqas

    on   said 

    Dear Salam
    I want to build a house single story 10 Marla (3 Bed Attached bath kitchen and drawing room) near the Saharanpur Sharif how much it will cost me??

  33. aymen khan

    on   said 

    Salam, can you please tell me how much construction will an 8 marla double story house along with basement would cost me? Thanks

  34. Nisar Abro

    on   said 

    I’ve 7 Marla plot size (30 x 55) in Bahria Rawalpindi
    I want to construct a double story house with good construction material.
    I want three bedroom with attached bath at 1st floor and a master bed with drawing, dining and lounge at ground floor…
    how much it’ll cost me please… thanks

  35. Umm e hani

    on   said 

    Asalam-o-Alaikum !!
    I have 400 Sq Yards plot. 3 bedrooms with attached bathroom , tv launch , drawing room and one powder bathroom. 1st floor with one bedroom and covered terrace how much it will cost to built?

  36. Shahid

    on   said 

    I have a 1 kanal plot in AWT phase 2. Should I go for construction of single story house OR sell it, buy 10 marla plot in either Khayaban e Amin or may be AWT2 and then construct house there?

    I have limited budget and want my house to be ready in 1.5 to 2 years time frame.

    Please share your opinion. What is better for future? 1 Kanal or 10 marla?

  37. Tahir Mahmood Khan

    on   said 

    I am looking to build a 10 Marla 5 bed house in Bahria Town sector c Lahore what is finished cost of quality construction and at what rate have you calculated that finished construction from.
    How much for grey structure and calculated rate please.
    Jazak Allah Khair

  38. inam ur rehman

    on   said 

    I have a 10 marla plot in bahria greens Rawalpindi. I am looking forward for good builders with all services expect material cost. Please help me out. what will be the approx. cost per square feet for finished house.

  39. Hayat Khan

    on   said 

    Assalam O Alaikum
    I want to build my 10 marla ( 41.5 x 60 feet) double story house near to Jarahi stop, Adyala Road Rawalpindi
    I want to build my house on 3 or 4 years installments plan. ( I don’t want bank home finance )
    My per month salary is 2.5 lac ( I can pay 1lac to 1.5 lac per month to contractor)
    can you help me to find a contractor who can agree on my payment terms ?
    Also advise the total cost of 10 marla house too
    you can send me detail to my email address or to my phone No. 03317771139

    • Hayat Khan
      No contractor will work on 1 Lakh per month basis.
      Best way for you is to get architectural drawings.
      Then build your home in stages.

      Total construction cost for your home will be 60 Lakh Approximately.

  40. Muhammad Abdul Azim

    on   said 

    i have 10 marala plot and i am looking for the best of constructions and latest style and design.

    Please share some maps, design and construction cost.

    thank you
    Best Regards


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