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1 Kanal House Construction Cost

Construction cost of 1 Kanal house

1 Kanal House

1 Kanal is a common house size in Pakistan. Most housing societies in Pakistan have the houses of size 1 Kanal. In Pakistan residential land is measured in Marla and Kanal. 1 Marla is equal to 225 square feet and 1 Kanal is equal to 20 Marla. Therefore, 1 Kanal house is one that is built on the land of size 4500 square feet.

1 Kanal plot or land size:

There are many sizes of 1 Kanal plots but ideal sizes are 50’x90’ and 45’x100’.

Design of 1 Kanal House

Design of 1 Kanal house has lot of variation. Due to the ample land, architects have lot of maneuvering space. In 1 Kanal house design, open spaces are provided on both sides of house and also on front and back. Front space is then utilized as garden. Ventilation and natural light is provided from open spaces on both sides and front & back. Generally a car porch for 3-4 cars, drawing room, living room, kitchen, dining room, two bedrooms with attached bathrooms, laundry room, pantry room and powder room are provided on ground floor, whereas three bedrooms with attached bathrooms, store room, separate kitchen, living room and servant quarters are provided on first floor.

Covered area of 1 Kanal double storey house

Approximate covered area of a 1 Kanal double storey house is 4500 square feet.

Construction cost of 1 Kanal double storey house

Per square foot construction cost in Pakistan is 2500-4000 PAK Rupees. Construction cost of a double storey 1 Kanal house of covered area 4500 square feet is 11,250,000-18,000,000 PAK Rupees. This variation depends on the type of finishes and fixtures you chose for your 1 Kanal home.

  • Construction cost in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Gwadar, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Multan, Peshawar, Gujranwala, Sialkot, Abbottabad, Bahawalpur, Quetta, Sargodha, Hyderabad Sindh, Sahiwal, Jhelum, Gujrat Pakistan, Sheikhupura, Kasur and other cities of Pakistan varies due to variation in construction material rates.
  • Construction costs / rates in this blog are updated regularly (last updated on 10-03-2017).
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(66) Comments

  1. Faiqa

    on   said 

    Please tell me the cost of single story 1 kanal house with 2 bedrooms with attached washrooms drawing/dining combined. a Tv lounge and kitchen
    Plz tell me the construction charges of gray structure and then including finishing charges

  2. Please tell me about the construction cost of A+ quality house to be constructed on 2 kanal plot, constructed area is planned to be 1 kanal, whereas 1 kanal will be for lawn and porch on the front

  3. humayun

    on   said 

    Sir i want to construct 1 kanal house with 10 marla covered area and 10 marla lawn a house consist of 2 storeys with 5 bedrooms

  4. Sohail

    on   said 

    Dear Can you please give estimate for constructing a good house (finished) with the following sizes in Islamabad:

    1. 25×60 Double story with basement
    2. 30x 60 single Cost and double story Cost separately (no basement)
    3. 35x 70 single Cost and double story Cost separately (no basement)
    4. 40×80 single Cost and double story Cost separately (no basement)
    5. 50×90 single Cost and double story Cost separately (no basement)

    • Sohail
      Construction quality is what matters.
      You also need exact covered area for calculation.
      Normal construction = Rs. 2500/- per sq ft
      Good quality construction = Rs. 3000/- per sq ft
      Luxury quality construction = Rs. 3500-4000/- per sq ft

      Hope this helps you out as according to quality you can multiply by covered area

  5. Salam bro
    I want to build flats for rent on one kanal land in Peshawer the front is 80feet (80*68) how many flats can build on it and how much it ll cost me

  6. Tariq Changgez

    on   said 

    I landed first time to your site. Appreciate your expertise that you are extending to readers.

    I wan to build a 1 kanal house in E-11 (Ground + First floor). For an A level construction, how much it would cost.

  7. Faiqa

    on   said 

    Can u please tell the construction cost of single story 1 kanal house with Drawing dining Tv lounge kitchen 2 bedrooms with attached washrooms and a small store room

  8. Kamran Farid.

    on   said 

    Hi. It’s Kamran Farid. Aoa. I want to know the cost of 1 kanal double storey house with almost 5000 square feet covered area. 5 beds.
    A basement . Lawn. 4 cars porch.

  9. What will the cost of construction of 1 kanal house Grey structure with coverd area of 5500 square feet with basement and two story in bahria town islamabad.

  10. Misbah Haque

    on   said 

    i want to consstruct 1 Kanal house with 1700 sq feet area that should include

    3 bed rooms
    1 store
    1 kitchen
    1 living
    1 drawing room

    rate for normal construction is required.


  11. Area 1 kanal. Requirements
    1. 1/2 space for lawn and construction on the rest with following
    2. basement = bed, bath, living, servant room & toilet (outside entrance)
    3. ground = bed with bath, powder, drawing, dining, living, kitchen kitchenette, store
    4. first floor = 2 beds with bath and private patio, kitchen, living with private patio, drawing/dining combined, store
    5. could be converted into 2 units
    6. First Floor should be extended to the maximum covering part of the lawn if required

    Is what I am asking for possible? Estimate?

    • Nabeel
      You can build whatever you want, no problem in it.
      But there are economic issues
      One day you have to sale your property
      No one will buy your house as mostly one kanal houses have 5 bedrooms with attached baths
      2 bed on GROUND 3 beds on F.F.
      Even you can separate both portions.

      What you need to build will cost you 1 Crore Rupees.

  12. Can you please give a rough estimate of the cost for 1 Kanal plot in Islamabad (Soan Gardens) double storey with A/ A+ Construction. Please break down the cost for A & A+ construction separately for covered area.

  13. Muhammad Yasir

    on   said 


    I have a one kanal plot on which I want to build two bedrooms, one kitchen and a lounge. The covered are is around 1500sqft. I want normal construction so kindly tell me what will be the cost of it? I want to leave the rest land open for lawn so it also wont be covered by the roof. Please tell me the estimate cost. Thank alot.

  14. syed saqib ali shah

    on   said 

    AoA sir
    I want to construct a house of 1 kanal (50×90) in DHA Islamabad…..
    1. what would be the complete cost of single story ???
    2. cost with basement ??????????


  15. Khurshid

    on   said 

    10 marla plot in lahore and how much cost of construction of hostel?
    There should be 20 rooms with attached bathroom just like a hotel style. One large dinner area and one kitchen. And roof above with a laundry area. The building will be having floors.

  16. Muhammad Tariq Jamali

    on   said 

    I have 50*90 kanal plot in DHA 2 islamabad. please guide with our experties for following
    i want to open front min 18 feet for lawn.
    and want to construction basement 40*40 min for swimming pool and drawing room. as per plot level i have option to construction open basement.
    Sir my questions are:
    What will be the covered area for construction.
    Basement covered area?
    GF covered area?
    FF covered area?

    estimated cost
    Gray structure cost?
    basement gray structure cost?
    finishing cost GF,FF?
    finishing cost of basement?
    other area estimated cost?
    what includes in gray structure cost?

    Labour cost of above construction. for my knowledge.
    what includes in labour cost.

    if we go for material purchase how much estimated quantity we required for following:
    Steel qty?
    any other material which required for gray structure?

    Electric and gas connection charges at DHA phase 2 Islamabad.

    what will be the ideal cost of consultant and architect

    ideal month for construction start in Islamabad.

    i hope you will spare your valuable time for my query. Your reply for this info will be obliged..


    Muhammad Tariq Jamali

    • Muhammad Tariq Jamali
      1 Kanal house with basement has approximate covered area = 6000 sq ft
      Labor rate = 275-350 per sq ft
      Architect’s fee = 5-10 Lac
      COST of grey structure (including gates, boundry wall, water tankc etc) = 1 Crore
      Total construction cost = 1.5 crore Approximately

  17. Haphizz

    on   said 

    I want to build a One canal House with basement and double storey
    Moreover I want to leave more open area in front for lawn and car porch.. First of all can I leave more area in front open I mean is it allowed as per Bahria Town regulations and secondly how much will it cost me
    Does Bahria town have their own builders that will take contract of building my house

    Kind Regards

    • Haphizz
      You can open as much land as you want but there is always minimum open space criteria
      I Kanal house with basement will cost you 1.5 Crore
      Its better to visit house under construction, near you plot
      meet the home owners and consult about builder

  18. Rashid

    on   said 

    Sir first I really appreciate your help and work.can you please tell me rough idea of cost about 6 kanal plaza
    Double basement parking
    6 floors
    200 shops
    50 offices
    25 apartment
    2 lifts
    One Escalators on all floors for going up down
    Stairs from two different side indoor
    13 * 19 shop size
    Please tell me the estimated cost .kind of mini shopping mall
    Thank you
    Raja rashid

  19. Umair

    on   said 

    AOA Sir,
    Thanks for providing such a useful information to people.

    I have 1 Kanal (~16 Marlas) plot, can you just give me a rough estimate how much would it cost to construct a double story house?

    House design/elevation is simple and modern type.


  20. Uzma

    on   said 

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    I am very thankful to you if you could kindly convey that the cost of construction of 7 Marla house in Bahria Town, Phase 8.

    2. I want to also requested that the cost of Gray Structure of 7 Marla house double story in Bahria Town. plz reply in Details.

    Kind Regards,

    Uzma Khan

  21. Tahir

    on   said 

    Dear Administration,

    I want to build a house in Bahria town -8, 7 Marla in Usman Block, kindly let me know about total cost of double stories

    and also separate cost of grey structure with Palastar without finishing and etc.

    Thanks and Best Regards,

  22. Tahir

    on   said 

    Dear Administration,

    I want to build a house in Bahria town -8 Usman Block, kindly let me know about total cost of double stories. and separate cost of grey structure with Palastar.

    Thanks and Best Regards,

  23. Kinza

    on   said 

    Aoa, i want to construct a triple story house in dha rawalpindi on 16 marla land, on a modern layout with glass eindows outside, can u plz tell me the approximate cost of its construction?

  24. Amer

    on   said 

    First, I would like to say thank you for answering each and every question. Your support is very meaningful to all readers.

    I will appreciate if you can give me a rough estimate of how much it would cost me to renovate 3 bathrooms, kitchen and false ceiling (please note house is already built with all fixtures). I would like to use A, A+ material. Total covered area of house Is 3700 sqft. It would be great If cost for each category is mentioned separately i.e. Kitchen, 3 bathrooms, and false ceiling for entrance and drawing dining area. Thanks in advance


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